Who did you say you were again?

Yup. That's me.
Yup. That’s me.

Hi, I’m Jakob and I write science fiction, fantasy, humor and serious stuff.

I live in Aarhus, Denmark, with my wife and children. English is my language of choice for science fiction and fantasy stories, in part because SF isn’t a big thing in Denmark, but mostly because of the many interesting writers and people involved in the SF web community. So far I’ve sold about thirty stories to various webzines and anthologies, and I have several new stories submitted to various magazines. I’m actively seeking an agent for a fantasy novel and I have two SF novels in the works.

Is there a common theme to my stories? Well, themes vary. I like to look at life from different viewpoints. One thing I do love is the world we live in, and I think we can take better care of it. We have one billion people or more living for less than a dollar a day. We have species disappearing forever in the largest mass extinction event since the dinosaurs. I guess that’s why the characters in my stories usually have choices to make, because they have to find alternatives to their way of life as well.