The Demi-Arcanist’s Will

This fall is turning into a cornucopia of short story publishing. The latest (and last) story of the year is “The Demi-Arcanist’s Will”, which is now out in¬†The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Volume 2¬†edited by Robert N Stephenson.

The anthology contains stories by great authors from all around the globe (South Africa, Argentina, Algeria and Australia to name a few). I’m particularly happy to be sharing the table of contents with fellow Codex writers Floris Kleijne and Samantha Murray.

And the best thing (for you, at least): the anthology is free, and you can get it as a mobi, epub or pdf.

First Podcast!

More coolness. Far Fetched Fables (part of the District of Wonders) have made a podcast of ‘Master of Business Apocalypse’, which originally appeared in the UFO 3 Anthology.

You can listen to the story – and “1348” by Russell Hemmell – via this link.

It’s the first time I’ve had a story narrated, and I think Jonathan Sharp does a great job.

A Thing of Cool

I share an office with a lot of crazily skilled people. One of them is Mikkel Frandsen, the 3D artist behind Creature Monster, and I’ve been wanting to put up a link to his page ever since I first saw his sculptures. There are so many details built into these sculptures that they’re stories all by themselves.

So if you want a load of cool, that’s the site to visit. He’s also on instagram as creaturemonster.

Abyssal Mantis by
Abyssal Mantis by
Gocekion Alien
Gocekion Alien by